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Standard SUP 7.11,110l, 75 breit Gong curve Pro 2017 ovp

Biete einen nagelneues SUP 7.11 von Gong, unbenutzt, original Boardbag dazu plus 50€.
Ihr spart ca. 300€ gegenüber dem Laden Preis, wenn ihr es nach Deutschland bestellt. Gong baut sups seit gut 20 Jahren. Nicht zu vergleichen mit dem kurzen Brettern von Fanatic, JP etc. Standort ist Dortmund, NRW, ansonsten Versand zum Selbstkostenpreis.

Es wird wie folgt beschrieben, was ich auch voll so bestätigen kann. Auch auf Flachwasser kann man damit gut paddeln. Keine Angst vor der Größe. Überhaupt kein Problem mit 75 /80kg, es läuft in dk Wellen bis zu schnellen 3-4m Wellen. Es ist sehr kompakt, wendig und dynamisch. Tolles Design, click finnen system ohne Schrauben (fcs), 3 Finnen sind mit dabei. Geniales Preis Leistung Verhältnis. Abholung oder Versand zum Selbstkostenpreis:

Details :

Function :

Blow it up in all conditions with Shortboard style that also paddles easily.

Introduction :

The Curve Pro 7'4, 7'6, 7'11, 8'4, and 8'9 are size variations based on same shape in different volumes and lengths design to adapt to the needs of different sized riders. You can choose one adjusted to your weight for thrashing waves or size up in order to have a more comfortable ride.

In any case the Curve(s) Pro are Boards 100% dedicated to killing it : rollers, top turns, slashing, driving cut backs and airs in solid driving waves.

The Curve Pro is made for those who want to surf aggressively while maintaining fluid paddling. Ideal for the surfer weighing less than 70kg and suitable for one up to 85kg.

Her pronounced rocker allows for smooth paddling, her kicked nose cuts through the waves and chop easily, her row is moderate and drops into wave easily due to her speed and narrow nose.

While surfing she dominates the sketchiest drop ins almost by herself! Two or three strokes and it's on, the rocker absorbs the slope and she locks in ready for some wicked bottom turns.

The narrow tail offers serious handling precision and some magical projections. The rails are thin, especially at the tail to insure pure "surf" handling...... she's built to collect turns!! Once you start pumping your legs her speed and flexability explose, she's a very aggressive board at ease in all conditions, even in hollow and steep waves. The faster and strong the wave.... the more at ease she is. A dynamique surfer will exploit her even in the sloppiest of wave conditions without even having to push her hard.

She was born to snap it off the lip, pull off rollers and to lay down some sick carves. The rail to rail is instictive, very close to a regular shortboard, she loves getting vertical and kissing the lip, she's a REAL high performance board !!!

The Curve Pro 7'11 is a high performance in a shortboard form but with garanteed paddling comfortand excellent steering.
Ideal Waves :

Size : waist to double overhead.

Strength : at her best in solid punchy waves.

Type : an all conditions board, even in the wind and chop, but obviously prefers glassy for paddling........as we all do.

Stability :

Less than 75 kg : easy.

75 kg to 95 kg : ok up 90kg, tricky after.

More than 95 kg : proficient.

Maximum weight : 103 kg.

Skill minimum : proficient/advanced and lightweight SUPer.

Shape :

Rocker : sufficient, enough to handle a steep slope for tight turns and at full speed.

Rails : thin and hard for that real hardcore surf feeling.

Volume : the strict minimum for this sized model in order to maintain comfort while paddling AND surfing.

Outline : narrow at tail and center with medium wide point and a thinned out nose.

Tail : diamond square tail, aggresive made for unhindered shredding.

Nose : point nose 100% wicked.

Stock Dimensions

Length : 7'11 = 241 cm

Width : 29" 1/2 = 75 cm

Thickness : 4" 3/8 = 11,1 cm

Volume : 110 litres

One foot off nose : 18 1/2" = 47 cm

One foot off tail : 18 1/4" = 46,3 cm

Rocker total : 26,9 cm

Tail : diamond square tail.

Nose : point nose.

Fins : Tri-Fin or Quad.

PRO weight : 7.5 kg (weight margins + or - 5%)

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