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Standard Gaastra Phantom 6.4 (2013) , C6

Zu Verkaufen: wie neu, 1 Saison gefahren , aber nur ca. 8x auf dem Wasser
Gaastra Phantom 6.4 2013, 3 Camber, Farbcode C6 rot/blau
180 Euro zzgl. Versand
idealer Mast: SDM 430 oder 400 (75%)


The Phantom is the cambered sister of the Savage and the little brother of the Vapor. It features 7 battens and 3 cambers and a moderately wide mast sleeve. A Drop tack makes it easy to close the gap, drop clew with outhaul pulley and pronounced cross batten drop are standard features for this high performance sail.Two big race cams and one small cam at the foot batten lock in shape and stability. The Phantom much like the Vapor have an aerodynamic boom cutout closure with neoprene to keep water and air turbulence away. The top half of the mast sleeve is made of KI05 aramid laminate, which is light and strong and due to its flexing properties produces our SAS system (Shock absorption system), a dynamic twist that absorbs the chop and produces instant acceleration. This sail is more than capable of winning races!
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